This Couple Loves To Doodle On Their Pug’s Face And The Outcome Is Hilarious AF

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His mom and dad loves to doodle around on his pictures and the results are hilariously adorable!


Here are some snapshots of Mr. Georges’ incredible adventures. 🖌


The Unicorn Pug

The Baby Pug

The Pug Marley

The Naruto Pug

The Sleeping Dragon Pug

The Pug-rina

Wanna hitch a pug ride?

The Pug Man

The Hot Pug

The Sporty Pug

The High Pug

What up folks?

The Pug Caesar

You can’t get past me!

The Pugachu

Harry Pugtar

The Super Pug

The Lion Pug

I can even beat the Titanic!

The Pug-Da

My parents were Chinese!


Okay that’s it! Bye.



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