10 Times Deepika Padukone Made Your Heart Skip A Beat!

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An extremely gorgeous and of course, the queen of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone, who is known for playing versatile roles from a girl next door to bold and sassy girl in cocktail; from a Rabari girl to a Bong in Piku and then of course a princess in the periodic drama Baji Rao Mastani!

For all the Deepika fans out there here are some of her dance moves and songs that you’ve shaken your leg on at least once! And, you’re welcome.

This one definitely struck a chord in our hearts and obviously those pretty eyes had, “Ajab Si, Ajab Si Addayanein” in them!

2.) Uff Teri Adaa

It definitely made us groove and move with that “Adaa” of hers!

3.) Dum Maaro Dum

This was the time first we were seeing her in a bold avatar! And, we definitely liked what we were seeing.

4.) Chor Bazaari

Became a song for everyone to dance on shaadi’s! OMG that Auto-rickshaw handle step (which s what I call it) went totally viral. Didn’t it?

5.) Lungi Dance

No, it wasn’t about the lungi! It was about that hot girl in the LUNGI dance.

6.) Lovely

Didn’t she look extremely LOVELY?

7.) Dilli Wali Girlfriend

Didn’t all the boy wish she were their girlfriend?

8.) Nagada Sang Dhol

Graceful and beautiful is all I can say when I see her dance on that number.

9.) Matarghasti

I’ve never seen her so cool and casual before and this was for sure, a change for all the Deepika fans. Crazy, funny and vivacious as ever!

10.) Dewaani Mastani

Elegant, pretty and the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen in the year 2015 and is all that my mind can think of about her screen presence in this one!



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