Evergreen Shrubs: What To Plant Between The Sidewalk And Street

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n this modern world, we want to have the best of both worlds. We want green, lovely, evergreen shrubs lining our streets and we also want convenient, snow-free streets to drive on. Unfortunately, streets, salt and shrubs do not mix well. Those who have wondered, “How does road salt affect plant growth?” only need to see a streetside plant in spring to know. Most things you plant between the sidewalk and street do not survive the winter. This does not mean that there is nothing that you can plant there. Knowing a little about street strip ideas, plant needs and salt tolerant plants can help you with what to plant between the sidewalk and street. Street Strip Ideas – Plant and Shrub Choices Advertisement The answer to, “How does road salt affect plant growth?” is that the excess salt creates an imbalance in the water in the plant cells. This imbalance typically kills the plant. Because of this, you are best to choose salt tolerant plants and shrubs when deciding what to plant between the sidewalk and street. Here are some evergreen, salt tolerant plants and shrubs: American holly Austrian pine Chinese holly Colorado spruce Common juniper English yew False cypress Japanese black pine Japanese cedar Japanese holly Japanese yew Littleleaf boxwood Longleaf pine Mugo pine Rockspray cotoneaster Wax myrtle These evergreen shrubs make an excellent answer to what to plant between the sidewalk and street. They will survive the road salt and plant well along roadsides. So, if you are looking for shrubs for street strip ideas, plant one of the ones above most suited to your area for best results. Print This Article This article was last updated on 03/21/15




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