A Day-in-the-Life of a Parent–According to Stock Photos

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Can you relate to this day-in-the-life routine? Because I totally can’t.

6:30 am: Your kids wake you up early and it’s the most hilarious thing ever. You’re so excited and happy that an instantaneous pillow-fight breaks out.


6:45 am: You look out the window to your neighbor’s house. Same thing.


8:00 am: Feeding your kids breakfast is fun and hilarious! Not to mention the cleanest thing ever so why not have your 1 year old wear a white shirt while eating oatmeal?!?


8:40 am: Family selfie! Wait…who’s taking the picture? Must be the awesome neighbors taking a break from their pillow fight!


8:55 am: On the way to school your kids take quiet naps and when they’re awake they read and enjoy the arts!


9:15 am – 5 pm: Dad, you spend time looking at your reflection in your office window. It brings a smile to your face. Well, almost. “I don’t always cross my arms, but when I do, it’s with the tenderness of a rose petal on a newborns face…”


5:30 pm: You walk out of the office celebrating another doggone good day at work with your best friend aka your boss.


9:15 am – 5 pm: Mom, you disappear to a remote place and with a suitcase and a newspaper. No one knows what you’re really thinking…


5 pm: Dad, you are welcomed home with big hugs and huge thanks for working so hard so the kids can have food!


7 pm: You all play video games in color-coordinated outfits while dinner is magically made. Also, your controller batteries never die.


10 pm: You are all back in bed, smiling into a mirror, until you fall asleep and do it all over again.




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