An Open Letter To Virat Kohli, A Legend In Making!

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Dear Virat Kohli,

A couple of years ago, I had heard of you and around the same time noticed you in that bright red Royal Challengers Bangalore’s uniform. Been long, right? Quite some time, to be precise. Time passed by and with these passing times, we got to see a whole arena of different shades of you and I must say, there’s quite a contrast. 

When you first stepped into the cricketing world, little did we know that you’d turn out to be such a fantastic player but yeah! You’ve proved yourself and your worth. 

Here’s some insight into what me as a fan girl has managed to gather over the past few years.

Virat, I think the entire nation is crushing on you. Obviously because of how you’ve performed in the last two matches. We hoped, prayed and wished to win against both Pakistan and Australia and you, almost single handedly, made our wish come true. The nation is awestruck and so am I! You’re not only making women but also men fall head over heels for you. You’ve got the style and the swag, Virat!

You stole many hearts but you stole mine too, not through your batting style or your performance but through just ONE post over social media. SHAME! You put across facts that people need to know and understand and you did this when the nation was busy chanting your name and overloading you with words of praise. Going by media reports, you’re no longer with Anushka Sharma yet you have her back which is commendable. You let actions speak first and then let your words follow. You’ve today gained a true fan who never in her dreams truly admired any other cricketer as much as I think highly of you.

Way to go, Virat!

With lots of love and appreciation,

-Your Fan Girl.



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