Stranger Sits Down by 3-Yr-Old—When Mom Sees Them Lock Eyes, She Knows There’s a “Connection”

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When mom saw her daughter crawl toward her, she was in TEARS!

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There’s only one thing in this world that can transcend language and cultural barriers in a single instant: love. One mom, Kate Glazer, got to witness this firsthand during a mall trip with her toddler.

As we grow older, we often unknowingly forge stereotypes in our minds that hinder us from growing in relationship with people that seem “different” than us. But when you’re 3, you simply don’t care—and that is a beautiful thing. God calls for us to be bold in our love for one another, without qualification or judgment, and sometimes it takes the innocence of a child to show us adults how it’s done.

In a Facebook post by Love What Matters, Kate shares the emotional moment her daughter shared with a complete stranger that will mark this mama forever:

“My 3-year-old daughter and I were at the mall on a bench after getting her ears pierced. She did great, but she was still a little anxious. After a minute or so of us sitting together, a woman came and sat down next to us. My daughter and this woman had an immediate connection. They locked eyes and although my little girl was a complete stranger to this person, she crawled across the bench to give her a hug. The woman welcomed her immediately and actually let my daughter sit on her lap and cuddle with her. My daughter is Caucasian and this woman was elderly, of a different ethnicity and spoke no English. None of that mattered—in that moment it was a loving embrace from a child to a kind, gentle stranger. It felt like this was something they both needed from each other; it was beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful we were on that bench and I was able to get a picture of their moment together.”



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