Dimpy Ganguly Trashed For Getting Pregnant Before Marriage, Her Husband Had The Perfect Reply!

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Dimpy Ganguly found a companion in peaceful happiness in November last year, when she got married to a Dubai businessman, Rohit Roy in a blissful ceremony.


The newly married couple announced their pregnancy and the little bundle of joy, baby girl named Reanna arrived on 20th June!



But someone who clearly had too much time on their hands ruined their happy news pointing out it hasn’t been nine months Dimpy’s pregnancy and her marriage in general!


Not the one who hold back, Dimpy’s husband Rohit shut up the criticisers for good. Here’s his fitting reply!




“Stop spreading your filth around. May be you come from a world where a man doesn’t defend his wife when a stray dog barks at her. But unfortunately, I have had the good fortune of belonging from a place where I have seen family stick together. So If you ask me who I am to interfere let me tell you are trying to trash my wife and the mother of my daughter.”


Now that is something every man needs to learn how to do when it comes to defending the person he loves! Way to go Rohit, we wish the both of you stay the way you are, happy. 🙂



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