10 Greatest Undercover Operations This World Has Ever Seen

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Our idea of an undercover operation has been shaped by the films. When we hear about some undercover operation we somehow start imagining about high-speed car chases and thrilling encounters. Interestingly, contrary to this fact, most of the undercover operations are carried out as quietly as possible without making much fuss.

Here are some of the most daring undercover operations ever carried out.

1. The Iranian Hostage Crisis

The CIA launched an operation to safely extricate the diplomats using a fake movie as the cover. CIA operative Tony Mendez entered Iran undercover and provided forged documents to the diplomats.

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If you have watched Argo, then know already know most of the story. The crisis happened in Iran when some people seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and took almost 20 people as hostages. Tensions between America and Iran kept growing day and day, thus making life difficult for all the Americans in the country.

When the American government failed to end the crisis with Iran. An undercover mission was launched and even Canada provided assistance. Tony Mendez provided the diplomats everything from clothing to a full background story.

The success of the mission lies in the fact that every single person was able to escape successfully without getting caught. Making this event as one of the most successful undercover operations in CIA’s history.

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2. Entebbe Rescue

Not only did the Mossad agents dress as Ugandan soldiers. One of them was even made to look like the president of Uganda, Idi Amin. They created a perfect replica of Amin’s motorcade.

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I guess, there is barely anyone of you, who has not heard about Mossad. The Israel’s intelligence agency is considered as the best in the world. So, it is quite unlikely that they won’t feature in a list of greatest undercover operations of all time. The Entebbe rescue mission is perhaps Mossad’s most successful mission till date.

A passenger plane full of Israelis is hijacked and landed in Entebbe, Uganda. Mossad quietly gets into Uganda dressed as Ugandan soldiers.

They approach the airport and the hijackers think it’s Amin himself. The limos are actually packed to the roof with soldiers ready to strike with machine guns and silencers.

They storm the airport, kill every hijacker and 45 Ugandan soldiers, grab the hostages, and fly out before anybody as any clue. And that was not all, they also blew off almost 30 of Idi Amen’s jets.

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3. Operation Valkyrie

Colonel von Stauffenberg entered a conference room, moved up close to Hitler and placed the briefcase containing the bomb on the floor beside the German leader.

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Though the operation ultimately failed in achieving its main objective, yet, it still remains one of the most talked about undercover operations of all time. A man called Colonel von Stauffenberg went undercover and became a close associate of Hitler. His main motive was to assassinate Hitler but it had to be called off a number of times.

Eventually, on the 20th July 1944, the operation was carried out. A few minutes later, after placing the briefcase, he left the room. Unfortunately, someone found the briefcase in his way and moved it to the other side of a heavy table leg away from Hitler. When the bomb exploded, Hitler escaped with an injured hand and damaged eardrums.

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4. The infiltration of Eli Cohen

The Mossad agent, almost became the defense minister of Syria, before eventually getting caught.

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If one wants to learn how to go undercover then one should learn it from this man. Eli cohen was actually a Mossad agent who not only got into Syria but also into the Syrian defense establishment. Unfortunately, he was finally caught and sentenced to death.



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