You may not see these kinds of women in Disney movies (yet), but one Tumblr artist has done some beautiful reimagining of how we think of Disney princesses.

1. Pocahontas

Pocahontas as we know her is a Powhatan Native American, but as another race—Caucasian—she is just as beautiful.

2. Princess Jasmine

This image shows us that Aladdin would have been just as amazing, if not even better, with Jasmine as a Caucasian princess.

3. Esmeralda

Sure, this reimagining may look weird at first, but Esmeralda’s story in The Hunchback Of Notre Dame is inspiring no matter what race she is depicted as.

4. Princess Tiana

The Princess And The Frog is an exciting journey about the power of friendship and acceptance, not the color of Princess Tiana’s skin. It’s important for all girls, regardless of race, to feel represented in movies for kids.

5. Mulan