How We React Differently To Things Before 20 Vs After 20

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‘Age is just a number’. Where have we heard this before? Oh right, we’ve said it, we’ve heard older friends saying it, we’ve seen our parents acting like it. But is it really? Do you think you’d react the same way to the same thing if it happened before 20 and after 20?

Maybe when you leave your teens and turn 20, you don’t feel any different, it isn’t like you suddenly sprout wings you know, but it’s the change you see over time. Let’s call it maturity!

While choosing a boyfriend/girlfriend

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Before 20: ‘OMG, he’s so dreamy and all the girls will be so jealous! He even dropped me home by auto, even though his Mom was asking him to come home immediately’.

After 20: He has his own opinions, he’s really focused and ambitious when it comes to work, he cares about other people, he respects women and most importantly he loves me!


When breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend

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Before 20: ‘I can’t believe he sat with Ridhi in 4th period when he could have sat with me, I’m sure he likes her now, I’m done with him’.

After 20: ‘ I need to figure out who I am outside of this relationship, I have a lot to do and I can’t take responsibility of another person’s feelings while I’m still learning my own’.


While disagreeing with your parents

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Before 20: ‘I hate you, I’m not going to eat anything, all because of you’.

After 20: *5 minutes after fighting*, ‘Hey mom, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you’.


When it comes to partying

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Before 20: ‘Oh let’s go clubbing, I feel like partying today!’

After 20: ‘Hey, you guys wanna come over? Remember, it’s BYOB!’


When it comes to making new friends

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Before 20: ‘Oh my God I’m going to make so many good friends in college, I’m so excited!’

After 20: ‘The best of my friends were made in college, now it’s just acquaintances’.


When talking about intimacy

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Before 20: ‘It was so magical, we held hands for the first time and I got goosebumps’.

After 20: ‘I’m scared he didn’t pull out in time, should I take a test?’


When it comes to celebrating your birthday

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Before 20: ‘OMG, you guys! I never thought you guys would come at 12, I’m so surprised!’

After 20: ‘I’m keeping the door open, so don’t ring the bell when you come at midnight’.


Your drink preferences suddenly shift

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Before 20: ‘Can I get some Vodka with Sprite?’

After 20: ‘One Bira please? And if you don’t have that one large Whisky with soda would be good’.


And the biggest change is the day after you get piss drunk and wake up

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Before 20: ‘Wohoooo last night was awesome, let’s go get some breakfast’.

After 20: ‘My stomach’s churning, I’m never drinking again. Let me sleep until I voluntarily wake up, which is probably never’.


When you hear people’s opinions around you

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Before 20: ‘Do you think she meant what she said, do you think I’m a slut?’

After 20: ‘She called me a slut, LOLOLOLOLOLOL’.


Dressing up isn’t the same either

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Before 20: ‘Do you like my new LBD and 4 inch heels?’

After 20: ‘I’m just going to wear a nice looking top on my jeggings with my chappals and we’re good to go’.


How you spend your weekends

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Before 20: ‘Let’s go shopping to Linking Road/Sarojini Market, I need new pants’.

After 20: *Lying in bed, eating pizza and looking for underwear on online shopping portals*



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