16GB iPhones are POINTLESS — But iOS 10 Update Might Help

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Do not EVER buy a 16GB iPhone. EVER.

The 16GB iPhone exists, I’m holding one right now. But I’m just not sure why. I mean, I get it — Apple makes a lot of cash with this bad boy and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how.

You take specs and hardware from 2012, save for a few choice components like CPU and memory and stick it inside an iPhone case alongside things like TouchID and a decent camera and you charge over £400 for the thing. And this goes doubly for the iPhone SE, which is now official. The handset which features iPhone 6s specs inside an iPhone 5s chassis starts at $399, the lowest price for any new iPhone.

But you don’t want the 16GB one. You don’t want that one AT ALL.

As I said, this is excellent business. The profit margins on a 16GB iPhone 6s and iPhone SE alone are enormous. And Apple is very much in the business of selling phones, a thing it does better than anyone else.

This is why 16GB iPhones make me so angry, though. Apple doesn’t need the money, it has plenty. But for whatever reason it is happy to sucker users into buying what they see as a cheaper, but equally useable iPhone option when in actual fact a 16GB iPhone is COMPLETELY unusable after a week.

Honestly, given the choice between a Nokia 3310 and a 16GB iPhone 6s, I would take the Nokia every single time.

Why? Simple: I don’t want a smartphone that, after a couple of days of normal usage, no longer works because there is no available space left on the device. And to make things all the more annoying, Apple does not and WILL NOT ever support expandable storage.

So you have to make decisions like whether or not to delete all your photos and videos from your phone. Or most of your music, or iBooks and games. Because you can’t have them all. Not on a 16GB iPhone. If you do, you’ll quickly run into things like WhatsApp not working properly or emails and tweets not sending.

And, trust me, that’s no fun. Especially since when it does happen, the memory of paying £429 for the thing in your hand will still be pretty fresh in your mind, making things all the more frustrating.

Then you’ll find yourself searching Google for ways to “free up storage on your iPhone” and after this you’ll begin to ask yourself why — why the HELL does a company like Apple, with all its profits and money, STILL make a product like this, which is clearly WELL below basic standards for today’s market? Why not just make the 32GB version the base model? Or just include microSD-support?

However there might be some light at the end of the tunnel. According to recent rumours, Apple is apparently flirting with the idea of doing away with its 16GB base model with its upcoming iPhone 7 handsets. If true, this would be great news, but as of right now take it with a pinch of salt as NOTHING has yet been confirmed.

So what’s the story so far? Pretty simple, really: IHS Technology analyst Kevin Wang believes the days of 16GB iPhones are over. And the reason: bigger demands on a phone’s storage from imaging and applications, some of which top out at 1GB a piece. Wang has also been pretty accurate in the past, so this rumour certainly has legs.

Apple’s upcoming iOS 10 update might be a little kinder to your iPhone’s storage as well — and this is great news for those suffering with iPhones with 16GB of storage.



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