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According to a South Korean study, drinking coffee prevents the forming of calcium deposits.

According to the latest study coffee isn’t related to hypertension and increased heartbeat. This is good news for all the coffee lovers that feared that extra beats per minute after enjoying their favorite cup of Joe. It seems that the researchers concluded that the black brew is actually healthy for those who suffer from heart palpitations.

A lot of people have stopped drinking coffee due to warnings that it may be the main cause of heart palpitations and hypertension. But Gregory Marcus, the doctor that led the study that concluded that coffee isn’t related to hypertension and increased heartbeat, says that the warnings in question should be revised, as caffeine may prove to be beneficial for people with heart problems.

In order to reach the conclusion that coffee isn’t related to hypertension and increased heartbeat, Dr. Marcus analyzed the consumption of caffeinated drinks such as chocolate, tea and coffee in 1,388 participants. Out of the total, 61% had a habit of drinking more than a caffeinated drink per day. Upon studying the individuals that volunteered to participate in the study for an hour after drinking the products rich in caffeine, the researchers discovered there is no link between the substance and increased heartbeat.

Another study, larger than the one cited so far, concluded that individuals who drink up to 5 cups of coffee per day actually decrease their risks of developing coronary heart disorders. The study, which took place in South Korea and used a sum of 25,000 volunteers concluded that caffeine intake actually decreases the chances of patients developing calcium deposits, the first step of atherosclerosis.

Among the volunteers for the study that revealed coffee isn’t related to hypertension and increased heartbeat there were no participants who suffered from any cardiac illness. The results apply only for people who are clinically healthy and don’t show signs of cardiac distress.

The doctors recommend people who already suffer from hypertension and extra heartbeats to eliminate caffeine, nicotine and alcohol from their diets because of the health risks they are exposing themselves to.
It seems that, until now, coffee was linked to the acceleration of cardiac problems because the studies allowed the participation of individuals who had previous health problems. This affected the final results.

After clearing out the criteria for participation in the study, it seems that Dr. Marcus managed to discover that coffee isn’t related to hypertension and increased heartbeat in individuals who don’t have a cardiac illness.



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