Four Go-To Gadgets… and A Pen

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Bose Quiet Comfort

Step away from your flashy device.


It turns out that efficiency on the road can be simple, according to Joshua Weinberg, president of Digital Life Group. “I think people look to the hot new gadgets to solve their problems when sometimes they don’t realize a much simpler thing makes a difference.”


Weinberg knows of what he speaks when waxing poetic about productivity. He is a one-man shop who has spent the past eight years dashing across Silicon Valley to advise companies like AOL, Tabula, Cloudkick, and Intel on turning their products into appealing brands.


Here are his picks for common-sense gadgets that will get you through any busy day.



iPad Keyboard


The iPad can be a lightweight computer if you pair it with a keyboard. E-mailing becomes much more efficient and the combo is easier than lugging a laptop everywhere. When you’re finished, disconnect the iPad from the keyboard stand and watch a movie or read an e-book. Weinberg prefers the Logitech tablet keyboard ($69.99).






Cellphone headset


Waste too much time cranking up the volume or trying to find an impossibly quiet space to have a cellphone conversation? Weinberg recommends the high quality, noise-cancelling Bose Quiet Comfort 15 headset ($299.95), which includes an iPhone-compatible microphone.





Wireless mouse


Major editing projects on a laptop can be a pain to manage with just a track pad. That’s why Weinberg always carries a wireless mouse, preferably one with an on/off button to conserve power while not in use. Weinberg likes the Logitech Cube ($69.99), because it fits in the hand and includes a USB-rechargeable battery.






It seems obvious, but we’ve all been there: nothing kills productivity faster than a dead device. Weinberg reasons that spending a lot of money on a fancy phone or tablet warrants shelling out a little extra for additional chargers to ensure your devices are always charged. Try his rule of three: one charger at home, a second  at the office and a third in your bag.





Notepad and Pen

And you thought the world was going paperless. For Weinberg, it’s impossible to make every note or important observation electronically. That’s why he carries a durable pocket-sized notebook and a quality pen at all times. Added bonus: you don’t have to spend a fortune on either. Weinberg likes the Moleskine brand of notebooks ($5.95-$8.95) and a pen such as the Pilot Hi-Tec-C ($32 for 10).






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