The Game of Money

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The Game of Money

It’s a popular game that includes Lies, Greed and Corruption — are you all in?

Do you want to learn to play the Game?

You will need to train and work hard!

Only the best will survive at — getting the money.

You might win and get some of the money — but keeping your share is the challenge.

You’ll have to stay hungry and always want More, More More.

One of the first steps will be to train your hoarding skills.

For this part of the game, it’s best to learn from big corporations and governments.

They are the experts.

They live their big lives and lies through hoarding money. So this is a good starting point to learn — just watch how they do it.

Next, you’ll need to train to have “CIA skills” in concealment.

It sort of becomes an addiction within itself, which people who play the Game just love.

You can join the Game at any time — in fact, everyone is invited.

The more the merrier.

Rock on!

Maybe you’ll win soon!

But, watch out, as when you get good at getting the money, powerful people in the Game will take notice.

Because, the Game is set up so others can take a cut of your take of what you achieve.

It’s kind of like paying off the Mob Boss.

You may think you own your territory in the Game — but anyone can come in and take it from you. So train those hoarder skills like never before.

Just keeping track of your take becomes your basic foundation for building your life of Stress.

But those who play the Game well learn to eat stress for lunch, so don’t worry about it.

If you train and work hard, you too, will be able to do this.

Next, train your organizational skills

You’ll need to spend extra time learning organization skills so you can keep track of all the things you want to buy when you win.

And just think of the POWER you will have if you become a winner. This is an extra bonus. The Power!

So play to the best of your ability.

Because you will not only be able to buy more things — but eventually, you can even buy people and governments.

And if you get really good at getting more money, you can be assured that it will support your lifestyle.

Maybe the Game will become easier.

But, you will have to train hard in order to keep it all going.

This training can take years!

Never lose your ability to Get More!

Because if you lose your ability to get the money— well, life as you know it, will be pretty much over.

So, never rest your efforts, and practice hurrying up and so you can go achieve more soon.

When you can play this part of the Game well, you will achieve the coveted title of “Survivor.”

Congratulations! Really!

It’s not easy to get to the Survivor level.

But, don’t rest, because you’ll have plenty of other opportunities to fail and lose your Survivor title.

The Force will be against you, so always play to Win Win Win.

And if you turn out to be a loser — shame on you!

If you don’t win at getting the money, you can feel ashamed of your miserable life and how You Failed!

Because this is how the Game is set up for losers, to feel failure and shame.

You will pay a big price when you Fail Fail Fail — how dare you Fail!

And no time to rest! Get back in the Game — you weakling.

What are you waiting for — a bail out?



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