Alice Through The Looking Glass trounced at the Box Office in its opening weekend!

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Alice Through The Looking Glass

We expected big things from the new Alice movie, Alice Through The Looking Glass, but it turns out the American audience is not thrilled.

It has today been revealed that the movie has been battered in its opening weekend at the Box Office, and it’s looking like it will struggle to make anywhere near as much as its predecessor did.

According to Variety, the new movie managed just $28.1 million over its opening four-day period, which is a lot less than its projected $35 million. It’s a very disappointing opening for the movie, and for Disney, when the previous Alice in Wonderland movie managed to rack up over $1 billion during its run at cinemas. However, there is still time for Alice to bounce back, as there has been a lot of competition at the Box Office.

Alice Through The Looking Glass

The new X-Men movie, X-Men: Apocalypse was released the day after the new Alice movie and it has had a fantastic opening weekend at the Box Office. In fact, it is estimated the movie pulled in around $65 million this weekend alone, and is on pace to pull in $76 million over its four-day spell, according to the outlet.

It’s not exactly game over for Alice as Through The Looking Glass as the movie performed extremely well overseas. Across 80 territories, the movie managed to make $65 million, in which $27.1 million of that alone was brought in from China.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Speaking of the overseas figures, X-Men: Apocalypse added an extra $55 million to its total, despite the movie opening two weeks ago overseas. The U.S. had to wait slightly longer for the movie to open in theatres



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