Emmerdale Spoilers: When Bernice leaves Lawrence, he grabs a gun and starts shooting

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In the episode of Yorkshire based drama Emmerdale that airs on Monday 11th July, troubled Lawrence offers to take Bernice for a romantic night away. And while looking at the package of erectile dysfunction pills he’s bought, he’s determined this will solve his problems…

There’s an hour-long visit to the village on Tuesday 12 July, and in it, when Lawrence collapses in the cafe, Ronnie runs to his aid. A worried Andy insists on giving Lawrence a lift home, and later, he reluctantly admits to having taken some erectile dysfunction medication. However, Andy thinks it’s for Ronnie, which leaves Lawrence offended.

Meanwhile, Bernice is worried when she learns of Lawrence’s collapse, and is left even more concerned when Andy tells her about the pills while suggesting they weren’t for her. She’s devastated to hear that Lawrence visited Ronnie at the hospital, but when she confronts him, Lawrence begs Bernice to believe he isn’t in love with Ronnie.

When alone, she finds Ronnie’s number, but what is she up too?

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On Wednesday 13 July, Bernice tries to make Lawrence face up to who he is, and secretly arranges for him to meet Ronnie in a hotel room. However, Lawrence is shocked when Ronnie turns up…

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Ronnie urges Lawrence to admit his true feelings, but Lawrence snaps, throwing a bottle at him. But when things calm down, they have a heart to heart and Lawrence looks at Ronnie fondly for the first time.

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Lawrence though tells a heartbroken Ronnie that he loves Bernice. But he’s unaware that she’s left him and is heading to the airport.

We’re back in the village for more Emmerdale drama on Thursday 14th July, and the action begins when we see Lawrence pretending that Bernice is staying with Nicola. But Chrissie soon finds out she’s left him.

She later finds a letter Bernice has left, but misunderstands the reference to Ronnie, thinking Lawrence has lied to her about him being her father.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is devastated to learn Bernice was dropped at the airport, and Andy’s in turmoil at having to hold his tongue to Chrissie.

Elsewhere, Chrissie confronts Ronnie and demands that he admits to being her Dad. Under pressure, Ronnie snaps just as Lawrence arrives, and Chrissie is left shocked by Ronnie’s confession.

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Later on, Lawrence is tormented by everyone’s whispers, which are a horrible reminder of his time in prison. Lachlan and Chrissie try to reassure him that they don’t care if he’s gay, but Lawrence snaps and kicks them out of Home Farm. Chrissie’s rocked further when Ronnie admits he’s still in love with Lawrence, and reassures her he’ll speak to him…

However, Ronnie’s left heartbroken when a drunk Lawrence threatens to shoot him, blowing a hole in his windscreen by way of warning. Has Lawrence finally reached breaking point?

The final trip to Emmerdale is on Friday 15th July, and as we rejoin the drama, we see Sam surreptitiously texting Aaron after witnessing Lawrence shooting a picture of Bernice. Soon afterwards, Aaron arrives and wrestles the shotgun from Lawrence…

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Aaron tries to convince Lawrence that he can be happy if he accepts who he is, but Lawrence warns him that people don’t change, suggesting Robert won’t either.

Meanwhile, Chrissie is concerned to hear that Lawrence has been shooting at things, but Lawrence won’t let her near him



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