Lumigon launches T3 smartphone with night vision camera

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Danish electronics company Lumigon has announced a new smartphone that it claims is the first in the world to offer a night vision camera. The Lumigon T3 features three cameras in total; a 13MP rear camera, a 5MP front camera and a 4MP night vision camera that uses what the company describes as a ‘dual infrared flash’. Lumigon says the camera can take stills and video in total darkness. The rear 13MP camera uses a dual tone flash, has a phase detection AF system and can shoot 120fps slow-motion video as well as 4K video.

The T3 uses a 2.2 GHz 64-bit 8-core processor with 3GB of RAM, and all models come with 128GB of internal storage. The device runs Android 6.0 and features a 4.8in Super AMOLED 1280×720 display. The stainless steel body uses Gorilla glass on the front and back, and offers BackTouch touch sensitivity on the rear for controlling functions displayed on the front screen. Other features include dual SIM slots, universal IR remote control and wireless charging.

The Lumigon T3 will be available in white, black and orange, as well as four different gold versions. The standard ‘classic’ models will cost €645/DKK 4799/$740 while the gold models will be€1100/DKK 8000/$1200.

For more information visit the Lumigon website.

Press release:

Lumigon launches T3, a premium smartphone with unique features in Scandinavian design

Lumigon announces the launch of the T3 smartphone, integrating minimalistic Scandinavian design with durable steel exterior and innovative features such as a night vision camera and the innovative BackTouch technology, so far never seen before in mobile phones.

“We wanted to create a new smartphone that reflects our design philosophy,” says Lumigon CEO Lars Gravesen. “The glass and steel used in the T3 are extremely durable, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing the look and feel of the phone. In fact, it provides a great balance between design, premium materials, innovation and technology.”

In addition to the classic versions, the T3 is also available in a gold edition with four different models, to fulfil the needs of customers who like it a little more extraordinary.

Innovative design, inside and out
The exterior of T3 is crafted from molybdenum 316 stainless steel, whose strength and high resistance is known from the boat industry. This durability is further enhanced with scratch and damage resistant glass. Both the front and back of the phone are of Corning® Gorilla® Glass to help ensure the 4.8” HD Super AMOLED Diamond display is not spoiled by screen cracks. These robust materials were carefully selected and precisely crafted to create a dust and water-resistant phone that can withstand daily use, while retaining the sleek design of an exclusive product.

These details extend to the interior, which is powered by an ultra-fast 2.2 GHz 64 bit 8-core processor with 3 GB RAM running Android™ 6.0, making this smartphone run smooth and fast. Lars Gravesen continues, “In a world with such huge demands for data, we wanted to give our customers enough capacity that will make users hardly run out of space, thus we decided to launch the T3 with 128 GB internal memory as standard.”

Being a truly versatile device, the T3 also features a 4G Dual Nano SIM slot allowing the use of two SIM cards simultaneously. These can be hot-swapped without shutting down the phone, allowing for exceptional agility on the go.

Perfect picture – day and night
The T3 comes with three cameras and provides high quality photography regardless of time of day or lighting conditions. The 4K HD camera takes ultra-sharp photos while the advanced Phase Detection Autofocus find its focus point instantly. The 2K HD front camera with innovative FrontFlash allows for perfect selfies even in dark environments. The mirror in combination with the FrontFlash turns this phone to a gadget that the ladies will find very handy when fixing their makeup on the go.



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