Lumigon launches T3 smartphone with night vision camera

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The T3 is the first smartphone in the world to have a 2K HD Night Vision camera that can capture photos and videos even in total darkness.

The innovative BackTouch technology enables to scroll content on the display from the back of the phone and is very convenient when taking selfies as the user just needs to tap on the BackTouch. This brand new feature introduces easy one-handed navigation and improved swiping and scrolling capabilities.

T3 has cutting-edge security and interface features. The 360° ceramic fingerprint reader provides added security along with 740 unique Vault feature that lets the user store private and confidential information on the phone. The data within the Vault is secure and encrypted with AES 256-bit algorithm.

Make it Your Way
T3 is provided in three classic colours, black, white and orange as well as the exclusive series, like the elegant 24-karat gold in four different models. Users can then show their individual looks, while those who want to experience the next level of luxury can leave their mark with a personal engraving.

Mr Gravesen says, “The T3 was created for users who want something different and want to stand out from the crowd.”

“To me,” he continues, “Danish design reflects craftsmanship, simplicity and real-life functionality, taking high-quality materials and combining them with innovative features to create a clean premium product. That was the design mindset that brought us to the creation of the T3 smartphone.”

The T3 is available for purchase at the Lumigon web shop and at selected dealers worldwide at a price starting from EUR 645/DKK 4799 for the stainless steel versions with 128 GB internal memory. The sales box also includes a stainless steel designer headset created from quality materials and with precision in every detail.



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