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Facebook just announced that its suicide prevention tool was updated and will be available for all of the users. Up until now, the feature could only be accessed by English-language based countries.

The suicide prevention tool allows users to flag the posts of their friends who may intend to harm themselves. Until recently, only English-speaking users were able to use the tool, the others being forced to report the posts that they deemed dangerous through a special form. However, by implementing this new feature on a global scale, the social network is allowing its users to act quicker and easier.

The head of global safety at the social network, Antigone Davis alongside researcher Jennifer Guadagno declared that the features were created in collaboration with various mental health organization and by listening to individuals who had experience with suicide and self-injury.

Last year, Zuckerberg’s company, in collaboration with, Lifeline, and Forefront, made the tools available for a couple of users in the US. The social network declared that they will continue to try and create collaborations with mental health and suicide prevention organizations in various countries.

The idea on which the feature is built is rather simple. Users will have a drop-down menu that they will able to access whenever they consider that a friend’s post is hinting that the said person is contemplating suicide or self-harm.

When they expand the menu, the users will have several options. For example, they will be prompted to call the emergency number if they consider that the risk is immediate. If not, they will be able to share an anonymous support message, share the number of a suicide prevention organization, or send a support message using their real name.

After the post is flagged, an operations team that will be working on a global scale will review it and then reach out to the person in question, offering specialized counsel and information.

Suicide rates have considerably increased in the past years. This initiative may be able to help lives, or, at the very least, raise awareness on a crucial matter.

In the United States, alone, the suicide rates are higher than in the last three decades. The usual victims being women with ages between 45 and 64, and men of all ages.

What do you think about the new suicide prevention tool? Will it prove helpful? Let us know in the section below.



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