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Creative Minds Linked to Neural Problems

A recent study has found that Creativity linked genetic trait might cause neural diseases. Links have been discovered that could explain why so many creative people end up suffering from Mental Illness.

The study was conducted on a total of 86.000 Icelandic people, and data on further subjects was added from all over Europe  by a team from the IoPPN at  King’s College London.

The results were not the first to conclude, that there is the possibility of  connections between creativity and mental illness.

Previous results did not study the direct link between creativity, mental problems, and genetic traits. The focus of the new study from the IoPPN at London’s K.C. does exactly that. The subjects who fit into a predefined creative category,

Some critics argue that the study focused on a very little batch of people defined as artistic, in comparison with the rest of the subjects.

But as it stands the study did have a respectable number of participants, with similar professions, in order to establish a general average of disease predisposition among the “artistic” group.

Furthermore, while the first study could of drawn rash conclusion, the data from other studies made in Sweden and  the Netherlands confirmed the pattern. In total 250.000 subjects participated.

However creative people are not always defined by their jobs. There are a lot of musicians or dancers for example, that have other day-to-day jobs.

Many other people cannot afford to pursue a career in the artistic domain, either for economic reasons or family issues.

It cannot mean that a teenage mother that has artistic talent, but cannot pursue a career in the field, is less developed or creative, than a normal person who had the time and funds necessary to practice and pursue a more inventive path.

There is also the problem of assessing creativity and especially inventiveness. no one can firmly say that an actor is more inventive than a electricity engineer. if the Engineer has to find patterns in hundredths of cables and wires and use these patterns to create elaborate systems.

In short a mathematical mind is not necessarily a less creative mind,  many mathematicians had a more developed creative side of the brain, and vice versa.

It is possible that creative, inventive and artistic minds are more prone to neural diseases, but testing has to rethink the definition of artistic, before “complete picture” conclusions can be made.



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