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oculus riftWhen Facebook’s Oculus Rift makes its first appearance these next days, it will not do it with a flashy release event or a large marketing campaign that is usually seen for premium gaming systems or smart phones.

Instead, numerous virtual headsets will simply be delivered at the addresses of those who pre-ordered it and were willing to invest $600 for these fully immersive technologies. This will not be a product for every user on the planet that is utilizing VR devices or even players involved in this domain, said the company’s officials at a special occasion held last week.

There will be the adoption curve at the beginning and this will start with app developers or PC players who either have or are ready to purchase an expensive computer. From this perspective, Oculus expects this process to span over multiple years.

The company did not mention how many units it has sold since its user edition was first marketed back in Jan. They said that the Oculus Rift needs a computer system that costs more than $1,000 in order to function properly.

This means that the headset is not being given to tech journalists for evaluation so the producer will be able to meet more purchases from clients. The device has been developed into today’s head-mounted system that is able to transport users to numerous virtual surroundings, while also providing an extremely realistic experience.

This head-tracking gadget will arrive with the Xbox One operator and a few games installed by default. However, it will not be included with Oculus’ Touch remotes, which can reproduce a much more realistic experience of using your hands in virtual reality.

These motion-detecting accessories will be offered independently later these months for an unknown cost. The company affirms that the headset’s lifespan will be between that of a smart phone and a gaming console.

They expect that their know-how will someday be developed to seem more realistic and portable for the wearer of the device. The Rift’s release will be almost immediately followed by HTC Vive’s first appearance in the market.

This is a more powerful and pricier system that comes included with a couple of stick-like remotes and receptors that allow dynamic VR encounters. HTC Vive will be released at the beginning of next month with a price tag of $800.

Sony also plans to enter into the virtual reality segment this fall with its PlayStation VR. The device is a head-mounted gear that operates in combination with a PlayStation 4 gaming system and not with a computer.



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