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iPhone-6-PlusSeveral reports coming from different tech sources indicate that the producer could present a bigger 5.8” device with an OLED screen sometime next year. But, according to other people, there is still significant doubt about the 5.8” iPhone, even if there is solid proof when it comes to the company’s plans about using OLED displays on its devices quite soon.

It was stated in previous years that it would come on the iPhones by 2017, so Apple has registered two individual patents describing possible styles that it could present. One shows an edged screen as an addition to the main display, with software control buttons and options expanding the screen, such as a volume rocker or the camera shooter.

The other patent shows several possible forms using wrap-around screens, which range from a round look to a device with curved edges around its screen, identical to the one seen in the Samsung S7 Edge. In an individual tech release, Samsung is expected to become Apple’s premium OLED provider, with the producer ready to sign its multi-billion contract by introducing this technology next year.

The OLED speculations are now solidified, but discussions about the 5.8” device dimensions bring new fuel and additional information to them. According to the media, some sources have been criticized for previous false news, even if they are simply confirming what it comes from the authorized providers assessing possible additional functions.

Not all styles are sold very well these days, but the biggest iPhone yet continues to be obscure. Rumors that iPhone 6s might be delivered without earphone ports have been one of the main dilemmas before its launch in Sept 2015.

But more lately, speculations that the company could introduce three new devices this fall have been gaining some ground in the tech market. News about a second 7 Plus model with dual-camera installation, which is said to be marketed in restricted editions due to production restrictions, were first heard from some famous leakers.

Now, the industry is talking about a prospective “iPhone Pro” with ts dual-camera system is getting the most attention from fans and experts alike. In Feb, leakers acquired a research plan forecasting that two editions of the bigger 7 Plus device are being developed.

One of them has the regular iSight 12 MP digicam, while the other features a pair of 12 MP lenses applying technologies from one of Apple’s recent acquisitions, LinX. It also exposed the various methods the sensors could work to combine pictures, besides the capability to take pictures and video clips simultaneously.



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