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"Update on Plants versus Zombies GW 2 "

Garden Warfare 2 introduces 100 new characters and 12 brand new classes.

Recently, there have been many rumors floating around the web about Popcap’s newest addition to the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. Here is a little update on the plants versus Zombies GW 2.

In 2014, Popcap and Electronic Arts gave us quite a shock when they announced that the newest installment of the game will feature a co-op gameplay. Nobody knew what to expect from the new game, taking into account the fact that the games so far featured an isolinear gameplay, centered on base defense concepts.

But it seems that Popcap managed to play this one out quite nicely, and the players were amazed to see that they can actually play the game in a third-person perspective. And what better way to enjoy the game than beating the daylights out of your best friends, while some of them yell out through the com that your mother seems like a nice lady.

Getting back to the other game, on the 14th of January, Electronic Arts announced that they will host an all-out beta testing session for the game’s newest installment. Yup, you heard it right! If you’re quick enough to register on the game’s official page.

Here is an update on Plants versus Zombies GW 2. Posted on YouTube, there’s a two-minute video clip about Garden Warfare 2. The clip also lets players know that a possible beta testing session is on the way.

Now let’s talk Garden Warfare 2. At a first glance, it would seem that nothing has changed since Garden Warfare 2. However, EA and Popcap declared on the game’s official site that they brought several improvements in the area of gameplay and graphics.

Also, according to those who already took part in the beta tests, the match starts pretty quick and the game has no issues in terms of connectivity, for now.

In terms of changes, Popcap and EA enabled a 24-player online mode, meaning that you and your best buds can now engage in floral combat over 12 new maps, including cities in the desert, abandoned backyard and even the Moon.

The game also has a co-op feature, which lets 4 players engage in battle. In terms of improvements, the game designers introduced 100 new characters and over 14 new classes. And yes, you can either join the plant or the zombie faction, just like in Garden Warfare 1.

If playing along with others is not your cup of tea, then the game devs have been careful in adding a solo play feature, where you blast your way through endless waves of AI controlled enemies.

Plants versus Zombies Garden Warfare 2 will be launched probably at the end of next month. Happy hunting, guys!

Take a look at this clip to see if the game is your cup of tea.



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