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microsoft smartphonesMicrosoft’s future phones may transform the entire mobile experience. The company’s newest Lumia 950/950 XL gadgets have been launched only a couple of months ago, but these devices may be just a small step towards the next major objective for its Windows 10 gadgets.

This week, Microsoft’s officials said that their experts are working hard on developing a breakthrough smart phone, which will be the counterpart of the Surface series for laptop computers. The new device will be outside of Microsoft’s current range of Lumia items, even if the representatives did not disclose if the new system would be included in the surface series either.

This advancement shows that Microsoft could be searching for other methods to combine its Windows 10 mobile phones and desktops by developing a hybrid system. This will really give a primary processing platform when you are working at the office, while also providing more effective tasks when you are in a hurry.

Right now, thanks to a docking station, the Continuum function on the latest Lumia devices can make a desktop-similar experience when linked to an external display and peripheral components. For example, it has an activity bar going across the base of the monitor, mouse compatibility and assistance for many keyboard commands or shortcuts PCs customers are acquainted with.

However, to affirm that is already a complete Microsoft ecosystem is too much for the current situation. Continuum’s line of supported applications is restricted to some Microsoft products, like its Office software, and a few important platforms, like Facebook or Google Docs.

In addition, multitasking in Continuum is not identical to the experience on desktops, as you can use only one app, and many applications that are actually working are not really enhanced for large PC screens.

The Surface range of hybrids expanded the true potential of tablets, and based on recent rumors, the upcoming Surface-inspired smart phone could be the driver Microsoft needed all this time to be a powerful player in our mobile market.

Unfortunately, the company’s officials were quite secretive about when this revolutionary product will be launched. Instead, they asked for some patience, stating that Microsoft needs a longer time to transform this idealistic concept into reality.



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