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Amgen trial failed

A recent report revealed that trebananib failed to improve the health of the patients who suffers from ovarian cancer. Trebanaib is the last phase medicine for the cure of ovarian cancer patients.

Recently, experts performed a trial on a patient in order to check the performance of this new drug. Unfortunately, the result demonstrated that the patient merely lived a month longer than the expectations of doctors. It signifies that the drug is not that much effective for the cancer patients.

Earlier, a study revealed that every year ovarian cancer takes lives of around 14,000 women in the United States. Moreover, it stated that the ordinary cancer patients survive 18.3 months on their last stage. However, this drug increased the rate merely up to 19.3 months.

Therefore, the drug was unable to fulfill the chief objective of experts. Earlier, the U.S based firm was pretty confident regarding the performance of this drug.

A year ago they carried out an experiment in order to determine the exact performance of this new drug. Fortunately, the drug showed a significant improvement in the health of cancer patients. It lessens the development of the deadly disease to a great extent.

Shortly after this positive outcome of the experiment the specialists performed another trial. Unfortunately, this time the experiment failed badly which fueled up the arguments and discussion regarding this drug.

Sean E.Harper, the vice president of Amgen stated that presently experts are trying to determine the affect of this drug on several other types of cancer.



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