10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Have a Girlfriend

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things you shouldnt do when you have a girlfriend

While you should never change for a woman, there are 10 things you really shouldn’t do when you have a girlfriend. Read on to discover what to avoid. By Filip Teovanovic

Truth to be told, every guy with a normal or high level of testosterone is immediately going to say, “I can do whatever I want when I am in a relationship. My chick can’t forbid anything. If she did try to put a veto on something, I wouldn’t be with her.” Still, if you have been in a relationship for few years and you are spouting nonsense like this, you are either lying or dating a blow-up doll. Or maybe you are just an idiot and your girlfriend is soon going to figure it out and dump you.

10 things you shouldn’t do when you have a girlfriend

Be yourself… until she is hurting. You should be messing up her bed, not her life. Even though it is better to be full of yourself than empty, your freedom cannot be at its full potential when you decide to have a girlfriend. The seriousness of a relationship is measured by a smile: don’t make her sad, and don’t make her mad.

#1 You can’t black out whenever you want. What is it called when you have a fear of looking inside your wallet after going out? Pray you don’t have this phobia. For example, your buddies are making fun of you for becoming such a miser. They are calling you out every weekend to get wasted, just like old times. A few times a year is cool, but if you blackout every Saturday, you are probably going to fall out of love. No girl likes her boyfriend to be a drunk. She loves Beyonce, and she loves when you are drunk in love. [Read: How to be a good boyfriend – 10 traits that matter]

Another example: you are meeting her parents and her dad wants to have a drink with you. You don’t want to give off the impression of being a lightweight. That doesn’t mean you should drink the whole bottle and puke all over the bathroom in her parent’s house. Alcohol might be a magic poison that kills all of your insecurities, but it can also kill your relationship.

#2 You shouldn’t go out with her girlfriends. Keep your dignity. If your girlfriend is out of town for a month because of her job, don’t go out for coffee or a drink with her friends. Maybe they have a deal with your girlfriend to check up on you.

First of all, those are her girlfriends, and unless they are in serious trouble, don’t hang out with them—and especially don’t go out with them. You never know which of her friends are jealous of your relationship, and are just waiting for an opportunity to notice your weak spot when you’re drunk. The evil one will wait for you to say something you shouldn’t. She is likely on the hunt for Freudian slips. The day after, she will call your girlfriend and say, “It was all fun and games until…” [Read: How to stop being manipulated in a relationship]

#3 You mustn’t buy into the idea of bros before hoes. NO! Maybe when you were 12 and a virgin. If you are over 20 and you truly believe this sentence, examine your life. Do you seem to always wind up drunk and alone? If you still believe this line, you may just be that loser who gets married, then yells at his wife for daring to ask to spend more time with him. Your teenage life should be behind you.



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