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pigeon dating simulatorPlayStation 4 owners will see one of the most bizarre creations which can be deemed as a video game hit PlayStation Live on July 21st. If you see a game called Hatoful Boyfriend sneaking up on the seller’s list and the pigeon on its cover makes you think it might be just a different version of our beloved duck hunt, well, learn that you couldn’t be more wrong.

The game is actually a dating simulator… set in a post-apocalyptic world where the player character attends a university of shapeshifting pigeons. Yes, you heard right, and no, it’s not a joke – that is, even though the concept was originally applied to a flash game released in 2011 as an April Fool’s joke.

Now, calling Hatoful Boyfriend a video game might be a tad far fetched, as there’s not really that much gaming involved in it. What is involved though is a lot of text, with the player deciding on how the character should act in conversations or different situation, so text-based adventure is probably a more adequate label.

Whatever it is, it was successful enough to warrant a full remake of the game on PC, and its eventual port to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this summer. If you’ve already played it on PC, then the developers also promised that they’ve added in a lot of new content, including basically an overhaul to the story and a new ending to try out.

Now, the question on all your minds probably is… in what world does playing as a human girl attending an educational institute for pigeons who try to woe her makes sense? Well, apparently, in one in which a deadly mutation of H5N1 strain – the dreaded aviarian flu – wiped off most of the world’s population at one point, while it had birds somehow evolve to sentient status.

Of course, because Terminator and Matrix already taught us that coexistence between two sentient beings is impossible, the pigeons start a war in which they further decimate mankind, become the dominant species in the world and force remaining humans to live away from their civilization. Crazy, you say? Well, totally agreed, but at least you can’t blame the game/novel’s producers for a lack of imagination. I guess, as far as potential plots for a pigeon dating simulator goes, this one at least makes you raise an eyebrow and contemplate whether birds are actually defecating on our cars to send us a message.



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