Dillema of religion

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I was born in a Hindu family but when i was growing up i had doubts i had questions. Are you not curious to know the facts history reasons and logic behind the customs and rituals you have been following at your family on the name of religion ? If anything seems illogical to you immediately stop following it and try to find the reason, if the reason satisifies you only then follow it otherwise there is no sense wasting your time in doing something which you dont even understand.

There are rituals which has history and logics but then there are some customs and rituals which are totally nonsense to follow. It is not about religion, it is just about knowing understanding doing and following what is right and senseful.

Somebody asked me how useful it is to follow Roja and navratre ka Vrats? I said not at all. If you already are following right eating habits, if you already have right attitude and behaviour towards others, if already have feeling of love compassion and respect towards others, if you already follow your manners and you are already living with your discipline you don’t need any special month or period to learn or do all this. These were designed to bring those on right path and to show light to those who were living in darkness and not following the right path.

I have not read Gita, Kuran and Bible. But i still know my etiquettes and ethical values. I learnt all of them through other sources, through other books, through other people. For me all those other books and all those other people are as pious and respectful as all these so called pious books and all those so called GoD.

All these religions originated in different parts of the world. When people started mobilising, they didn’t only carry the religion with them but they also carried the customs rituals dress-ups and different ways and standard of living. Islam originated in east, You can easily see the certain level of similarity between the Muslims and the people living in East. Christianity originated in West, you can easily see the similarity between people living in West and the Christians living in India. Hence the diversity is because they originated and lived and grew in different geographical land, not because of the religion they are following.

Religions are add up or sum of different lessons and teachings and all religion is teaching the same lessons of love, equality, brotherhoods compassion and respecting and conserving the Nature. When every religion say GoD is one something which is omnipotent omnipresent and something which is infinite and almighty they all mean the same. The only thing which falls correct under this definition is this COSMOS the UNIVERSE. Only this whole cosmos the universe the nature is omnipotent omnipresent and almighty and infinite. This COSMOS is something we need to respect and protect and conserve and make connection to and to be really scared of. Because this is what you are getting all from, this is actually what is actually fulfilling your basic needs and this is what can actually remove you totally from the face of this earth like a speck of dust.

But instead of paying attention to these crucial lessons, instead of making connection with these crucial teachings people just made connection to the teachers. And this is where the whole problem of communal differences arises.

We all must have immense respect for prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna etc because these are the truly knowledgeable and noble people who showed light to a whole lot of Human race, they are the people who brought a whole Human race out of darkness, on the right track through their preachings.  But simultaneously we must also understand that we need to focus more on the teachings and knowledge that they were imparting not just only on them.



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