Know your reality

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The very first step to take in your journey of success is to know and accept your reality. Who you are? Where you are? What you are? What is your real financial status? Where do you actually lie in hierarchy of social financial status? What is the situation you are in? What are the circumstances around? What are your real interest and capabilities? What are the resources actually available to you? What are the real practical things you can do and ask for or demand within your capacity and with the available resources? etc.

Just know all your reality and accept it. Then move ahead from there. Unless you will have correct knowledge of your ability and capacity, unless you will accept your reality your progress or growth is almost impossible.

If you think you are very intelligent and you are the best just because a few people praise you and take you as a smart guy then it is your biggest illusion. It only means that you are better than those a few people who are praising you and taking you as a smart guy or girl, it does not mean that you are the most intelligent person and the best person on this planet. The reality is there are so many toms dicks and harrys like you and in fact many are way better than you. Have confidence in you and have full confidence in you but with the awareness of your reality. Always keep a very good understanding of your realities with you. Because this overconfidence, the unnecessary superiority complex that you have developed in you is the biggest hindrance in your success.

You know your reality and then accept it and then have confidence on you to do something better within your capacity with whatever you have. Success is a journey which is done one step at a time. You can not just jump on your destination.

Unless you hold on firmly to your ground you will never be able to touch the sky.




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