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unusual rock

Russian miners discovered an unusual green and red stone from the Alrosa’s Udachnaya diamond mine.

The Udachnaya is an open pit mine which is located in the Sakha Republic. It is listed as the third deepest open pits mine of the world.  It is presently mined to a depth of around 600 meters.

Workers found a 30 mm rock which include around 30,000 diamonds.  However, the diamonds present on the rock are so small that it cannot be considered as a gem. Hence, the firm gave the precious rock to the Russian Academy of Science.

The researchers carefully examined the rock and its diamonds. They studied the rock with the help of an X-ray tomography scanner. This kind of scanner has higher X-ray intensities but it work like a medical CT scanner.

Later on, they concluded that the size of diamonds is around 1mm. It has a shape of octahedral which is reasonably similar to the two pyramids that are stuck together at the base.  Additionally, the crystals of olivine, pyroxene and garnet are responsible for the green and red color.

The strange rock will offer significant information regarding the geologic history of the Earth.  It will also provide some evidence about the origin of the gemstones.

Larry Taylor, a geologist at the University of Tennessee informs that the connection of minerals will unveils something related to the genesis of the rock.  The most incredible thing is that there are around 30,000 itty-bitty instead of a single enormous diamond.  There are chances that these diamonds are created instantly.



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