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mysterious light

An International team of researchers discovered a mysterious light source in a galaxy around 90 million light years away. However, the group of researchers are uncertain whether to classify this light as black hole or a galaxy.

Researcher proposed two states for this unique and mysterious light. They believe that the characteristics of the light suggests that it belongs to a super massive black hole which has been sent out from its galaxy.  On the other hand, there are chances that it is the fragments of a giant star that usually destroy itself in a supernova blast.  The experts named that source as SDSS1133.

However, the astronomers did not examine the waves as it is extremely bit difficult to measure the minutest density of space.

Furthermore, the study reveals that the light has becoming intense day by day. Nevertheless, these transformation in the properties of light points out towards the scenario of black hole.

Unfortunately, location of the light is the main issue which prevents scientists to confirm the black hole theory. Generally, black hole are situated at the galactic centers of the space. However. SDSS1133 is present at least 2,600 light years far away from its home galaxy.

Therefore, Laura Blecha, the co-author of the study stated that there is a possibility that the source is the result of the two small galaxies. The small galaxies normally unite together to form such kind of light

The study is printed in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.



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