Diversity activist Shanley Kane (@shanley) is “cofounder and CEO ofModelViewCulture,” as well as a “cultural critic, organizer, writer and feminist.” Yesterday she went on a tirade about Linux creator Linus Torvalds for some dismissive comments about diversity that he made at a conference, and now the other side, whoever they are — Linux hackers? Gamergate trolls? I have no idea — have fired back with a fake website devoted to a fake organization called The Feminist Software Foundation, which is creating a new Unix variant, called ToleranUX.

It is a nasty anti-female rip on people like ModelViewCulture co-founder and CEO Shanley Kane who have been criticizing Linux for being a boy’s club. I honestly don’t know why anyone, male or female, wants to belong to the Linux community, but maybe the issue is just that when some group, any group, says certain people aren’t welcome, that’s bound to piss people off.

Here’s a sample:

ToleranUX (like UNIX, but with more Toblerone and Tolerance) is the world’s first UNIX-like operating system kernel that adheres to the 21st Century modern tenants of Equality, Inclusiveness, and Tolerance.ToleranUX is created to revolutionise the Toxic Meritocracy that permeates the FLOSS (Free, Libre, and Open Source Software) world that has proved itself to be the crux of divisiveness, the cause of the gender imbalance in IT, and the bane of True Equality.

In light of the continued reign of Linus Torvalds as the sole, white, cisgendered and male projectleader dictator of the (in)famous Linux kernel, the Feminist Software Foundation has forked where no feminist has forked and reclaimed the software bits to all people.

This is the world’s first operating system kernel by FEMINISTS, for FEMINISTS. Women and gay men with internalised misogyny/homophobia who are here to concern troll and sealion are not welcome.

And this:

How to contribute

Absolutely no coding experience is necessary: all code are equal in the eyes of the Feminist Software Foundation. There is no objective way to determine whether one person’s code is better than another’s. In light of this fact, all submitted code will be equally accepted. However, marginalized groups, such as wom*n and trans* will be given priority in order to make up for past discrimination. Simply submit a pull request for any submission, whether code, artwork, or even irrelevant bits — nothing is irrelevant in the grand struggle for a Truly Tolerant UNIX-ike Kernel!

And on and on, like that. You get the idea.

Of course, ModelViewCulture cofounder and CEO, as well as cultural critic, organizer, writer and feminist Shanley Kane is annoyed, and calling for the site to be taken down, so whoever created the site got what they wished for.

Honestly, tech folks: Can’t we just get along? For the older people, and the kids?

UPDATE: ModelViewCulture CEO Shanley Kane has asked me to describe her not as a “diversity advocate” or “diversity activist” and to instead identify her as the co-founder and CEO of a media company that is better than the one I work for. I’ve updated the post to reflect that.