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The Harry Potter fandom: the last book came out in 2007 and the films ended in 2011, but we’re still not over it. You don’t need to know occlumency to know that any Potterhead would be enchanted to receive anything to do with the series. Get something magical for the wizards and witches in your life while they wait for their tragically overdue Hogwarts letter (IT JUST GOT LOST IN THE MAIL, OKAY?!).


1. Remote Control Wand

Alohomora, unlock pay-per-view!
Available now for $48.95

2. Harry Potter Cookie Cutter Set

Voldemort cut his soul into seven pieces, and so can you! Well, substitute soul for cookies (don’t we all, though?).
Available now starting at $10

3. Dobby Newborn Hat

Baby is a free elf!
Available now for $34.95

4. “Turn to Page 394” Tote

How much do we love this tote? Let us count the ways … 394. Approximately 394 ways.
Available now for $15

5. Harry Potter Vinyl Laptop Decal

You’re a Mac, Harry.
Available now for $4.99

6. Divination Personal Planner

It’s hard enough to keep track of your schedule, even without a time turner.
Available now for $24

7. Glasses and Lightning Bolt Scar Ring

For the chosen thumb.
Available now for $35

8. Harry Potter: The Coloring Book #1

Accio crayons!
Available now for $10.13

9. The Marauders Stacking Mugs

Mischief is considerably easier to manage with coffee.
Available now for $32

10. Harry Potter Wine Glass

Chocolate helps with dementors, but for everything else there’s wine.
Available now for $28

11. Dumbledore Quote Pillow Cover

Rest your head at night and know that the light will come again.
Available now starting at $16.95

12. Harry Phone Case

Alas, when owl post takes too long, we must resort to texting.
Available now for $19.86

13. Platform 9 3/4 Satchel

You can’t possibly be seen on the Hogwarts Express without your Oxford-style satchel.
Available now for £55

14. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition

This gorgeo



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