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coal in future

A combination of energy resources utilized in the production of electricity is gradually altering. However, scientists predicts that coal which is considered as the king would lead the area for several more decades.

As per the analysis of U.S Energy Information Administration, Coal would be responsible for 39 percent world’s net electricity in 2015. Unfortunately, the researchers suppose that this proportion will reach 36 percent till 2040.

However, numerous people wish to view a considerable descend in the importance of coal. Nowadays, people are extremely worried about the negative impact of greenhouse gases on our environment. Hence, concern authorities are trying to reduce the amount of carbon emission from their power production

Therefore, the power industry makes an attempt to utilized renewable energy sources. Additionally, scientists claims to get hold of a technology which will capture majority of the carbon dioxide release by a plant.

Howard J. Herzog, a research engineer informed that clean coal expected to play a vital role in the arena of electricity in future.

On the flip side,  several nations such as China, United States and European Union joined together to sign an agreement to deal with climate change.. Though  all these deals and  promises looks pretty less in front of the uncontrollable temperature but still representatives of  12 countries intend to this December in Lima, Peru. The chief reason of this seminar is to work on the agreement which is expected in Paris in 2015. Recently, researchers gave warning to few nations regarding the hazards of natural disasters like heat waves, ocean acidification and floods.



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