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A report from global, political, environmental and industry leaders states that it is possible to deal with the issues of global warming and develop the economy of the world at the same time. The report came a week before the head of states conference of United Nation,  which is organized to discuss the climate change.

Felipe Calederon, the head of the group informed that the climate change could be really hazardous in the future. Generally, the countries believe that the action for the control of climate change could affect their economic growth and other aims. He stated that it is a completely wrong perception, countries can tackle climate change and economic growth simultaneously. Moreover, the report stated that the key solution is to revise national economic policies in the next 15 years when the global economy will probably grow by more than half.

Seven countries specially formed an independent group to present this report, which is from the project Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. Those seven countries are Colombia, Ethopia, Indonesia, Norway, South Korea, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The group includes nearly 100 economists, politicians, academics and leaders from the business and non-profit sectors.

The report, which is entitled as “Better Growth, Better Climate: The New Climate Economy Report” demands for the alteration of policies.  This modification of policies will compel countries to transfer trillions of money from the development and infrastructure of the high carbon system to the low carbon system.

Furthermore, the report ensures that the world can grow the economy even after investing money in renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart growth and cleaner transportation. The report offers several evidences that demonstrate that there is now huge scope for action that can improve economic growth and lessen climate risk.

According to Calderon, if people would not fight with global warming in coming years then it would be more difficult to deal with it in the future.



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