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The discussion  that is scheduled to be dialogued by world leaders a week later is regarding the issue of increased global warming . Due to significant rise in amount of dangerous gases in the atmosphere, Obama Administration has meet common grounds with various established firms in lessening this worldwide burden. The Big companies have voluntarily signed petition with White House to eliminate excessive use of substances acting as coolants .This effort is taken to reduce global warming, to which major contribtion is made by these chemicals.

The companies who agreed in cutting use of coolants include beverages manufacturing enterprises like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Red Bull. Others are DuPont, Target and Kroger with Ralph’s supermarket chain.

The chemicals whose use has to be lessened are hydro fluorocarbons (HFC), a popular refrigerant used after an embargo placed on utilization of Freon in 1990 as a coolant in refrigerators. The reason of prohibition was damage to ozone layer by Freon gas, although hydro fluorocarbons do not harm the ozone gases, but they are a potential threat to change of climate on Earth. According to White House, the hydro fluorocarbons are ten thousand times more potent than carbon dioxide gases and are major driving force to increase global warming. Also, with excessive use of air conditioners, coolers and refrigerators in the past years, the emission of HFC will increase 50% more by the end of 2020. Reports also suggest that the expulsion rate of HFC will triple by 2030.

The step taken to reduce HFC burden as announce on Tuesday by The Administration involves reduction in R-134a, which will result in dropping of greenhouse gases by 1.5% as compared to gases levels in2010.That will be equivalent to elimination of 15 million means of transport from U.S roads.

Also, The Obama Administration which is trying to combat the global warming issues since 2010 is constantly introducing new amendments in Montreal Protocol, the scheme which resulted in banishment of Freon gas. In this regard the Environmental Protection Agency has discussed two rules towards the use of environment friendly HFCs substitutes. Moreover, The Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration Institute have also announced that their associated firms will spend $5 billion on promoting certain technologies that will lessen the burden of greenhouse gases within a decade.

The United Nations Climate Summit in New York, scheduled next week will be attended by President Obama in which he will focus on adapting certain schemes and policies that will bring positive change to the climate.



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