Pharmacies Are Awful—But These Startups Could Fix Them

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Who, then, should these services target? Heldenbrand says the fact that both Circadian and Capsule rely on an app could result in their earliest users being young and tech-savvy. If their customer base expands to include the elderly—whether by word of mouth, or designing for this demographic, specifically—these companies could wind up serving the two largest non-adherent groups. As for staying power, Heldenbrand says “the most effective tool known to improve medication adherence is education by a healthcare professional—more than one, usually.” To that end, both Capsule and Circadian offer communication with users’ doctors, in the form of a report on completed deliveries (Capsule) and an auto-logged record of pills taken (Circadian).

For now, the companies’ operations are limited to New York and California. But if they can expand, those lines at the pharmacy could get a lot shorter.



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