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As per the Labor Unions and other environmental societies, we are anticipating a big churn out for a NYC Protest happening this Sunday in order to drag the concentration to the climate change heading 2-daysprior to the United Nations Summit on the matter.

According to the organizers of the NYC clime change March (protest), same action will come to pass this Sunday in several other cities, counting Rio de Janeiro and Lagos, Nigeria.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has requested several states heads to a September 23 climate change summit going to held New York. President Barack Obama is likely to attend the summit too.

Donovan Richards, City Councilman stated that at the rally to announce the protest expecting lots of people coming from around the country “will move down on New York City streets to let our leaders know that we can no longer turn a blind eye to this crisis.”

He further stated that he is hoping to never see a different Super-storm Sandy, which shocked his region situated in the Rockaways section of Queens.

Richards also says that, “Unluckily, the truth is that if we don’t set up to tackle with the global warming, I am predicting another Sandy in my generation”.

On the other hand, the scientists are actually hesitant to held responsible just one storm on the issue of global warming; particularly the rise of sea levels added to or deteriorates the impact of Super-Storm Sandy.



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