This Startup Is Turning Luxury Sleepwear Into The Next Big Trend In Performance Apparel

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By 2020, athletic apparel is projected to be a $66 billion industry. With more high profile celebrities stepping into the spotlight and championing active wear, as witnessed with Kanye West expanding his collaboration with Adidas and Beyoncé introducing her Ivy Park line, the segment has transcended the fitness world and seamlessly evolved into a global fashion trend.

Nike is reportedly expected to generate upward of $2 billion in sales from womenswear by 2017 , attributing its scale to a higher demand for items such as sports bras, tights and training shoes. With an estimated worth of $500 million in 2014, Under Armour UA +0.55% has also experienced tremendous growth in the category. Despite being home to several high-profile male athletes such as Steph Curry and Cam Newton, Under Armour’s womenswear is catching up and  could potentially surpass the escalating success of its menswear, which has traditionally more than doubled in worth.

The combination of comfort, versatility and innovative design have turned a once casual style statement into an attractive, and reasonably affordable wardrobe option for a generation that takes pride in personal health. The segment no longer solely appeals to athletes or individuals aspiring to achieve lofty fitness goals, now integrating into the everyday style choices of entrepreneurs and business leaders alike who routinely work on-the-go.

This transition into more all-purpose apparel fits perfectly into the lifestyle of the modern woman, constantly balancing the challenging demands of managing a career, family, personal and a social life. Yet, beyond maintaining an active workout regimen and buying everyday attire, very few things are more essential to the body than getting a good night’s sleep.

Traditionally, women’s sleepwear has been limited draping night gowns or loose fitting pieces created to keep women covered up, but not necessarily designed to enhance their sleeping experience. Some women turn to lingerie for a more comfortable and self-affirming feeling, however lingerie isn’t really about the woman, but rather more so about sex or being sexual for someone else. Consequently, for women who simply desire an option that makes them feel good about themselves and their bodies through the evening, few solutions have existed – until now.

Lunya is a luxury women’s sleepwear company that specializes in creating custom apparel for health-conscious women who want to look good, feel confident and consciously treat their bodies right in the process. Taking a problem-solving approach to design, Lunya focuses on blending technology with smart data, extensive studies and rare fabrics scientifically proven to enhance the sleep experience. Merging the worlds of sleepwear and active wear, the brand hopes to pioneer a new category of performance apparel, designing all-purpose pieces that function in all of the ways women are going to need them to. “We aim to not only make performance part of the sleepwear conversation, but more so put specificity into the kind of performance results women seek and deliver a selectable option,” Lunya founder and CEO Ashley Merrill told Forbes. “I became increasingly confident that if we can make a headway in this, we cannot only provide high-quality sleepwear, but help solve health problems that will ultimately enhance the lives of millions of women around the world.”

Lunya uses breathable fibers such as celliant to design custom sleepwear that has a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. Cellist is a technical fiber that uses infrared energy to stimulate cell performance and to increase circulation. In clinical studies, Celliant was found to increase oxygen levels in the body by 10% to 24% in a healthy population. Higher oxygen levels are good for your health, allowing cells to grow stronger, injuries to heal quicker, endurance to increase and pain to be reduced. Celliant has also been clinically proven to help your body maintain an ideal temperature, resulting in a more restful and deeper sleep. “A lot of women will spend $300 on a cocktail dress they will only wear one time, but with sleepwear, you will wear it over a third of your life, only around people you trust and care about the most,” Merrill stated. “As I thought more deeply about this, athletic wear became a strong inspiration, and we borrowed methodology from software development to focus on problem solving first.”



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