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The planet Mars has piqued the curiosity of people and scientists for countless ages. Movies, books, television shows, continue to focus on the rust colored world with much popularity. Manned missions to the planet might have to wait because 13 year old Alyssa Carson says she’ll be the first person to land there.

Carson even has her own website and has gotten the attention of NASA thanks to her dogged determination. She claims to speak 4 or 5 languages already and has been dreaming of going to Mars since she was four years old. Her father embraces her passion and with a 2033 mission planned for Mars by the various space agencies, Alyssa is well within the age range as she’ll be old enough and would have had years of training behind her by then. She’s already started at Space Camp Turkey and there’s no telling what new training will be available in years to come.

She’s so far met with the Dutch based Mars One project execs, given talks in other countries and is going to appear on the top quiz show Jeopardy.

Alyssa feels that mars could be our “next Earth” and to date she’s attended all three of NASA’s Space Camps.

Dutch’s Mars One is a project that is going to take people to Mars but there’s no way to bring them back. It’s a one way trip and unlikely Alyssa will be allowed to go. As technologies change, there might come a new way of propulsion or shielding ships from the deadly radiation in space and on Mars. There are thousands of specialists working on how to get to and live on Mars and much like the legendary Apollo missions, new ways of doing things, new materials, and technologies are going to emerge to meet the challenges put forth.

Alyssa is at an age where she should see these changes by the time she’s ready to train for a Mars mission if there ever is one. If so, she’s a front runner for the job for sure.



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