Step-By-Step Guide On How To Play Pokémon GO In India

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It’s just been around a week and Pokemon Go has become the most viral game ever. It first released in Australia, New Zealand and US and now has caught the attention of Indians as well. If you have so far ignored this game, thinking it can’t be played in our country, well you were wrong.

So, guys it’s time to come out of that rock you were hiding yourself under and have some fun playing this absolutely cool game. As you get set to download the game, here’s a guide on how to play Pokemon Go like an expert on the streets of India.


Pokemon Go

So, are you thinking about this game yet? And just too afraid to ask someone to explain you about this viral game in detail? Don’t worry, here we have brought you every little bit of Pokemon Go, the viral game.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a location-based game that you can play on any normal smartphone. When a player finds a Pokemon, the game taps into the user’s camera and it appears that the user is catching the Pokemon in the real world. You are supposed to travel outside when the game starts so that you can find the Pokemon.

You can give three options when you are offered a starter Pokemon

1. Charmander
2. Squirtle
3. Bulbasaur

Once you get your starter Pokemon, you need to just walk around and roam here and there in order to catch the Pokemon. Your phone will start vibrating when there is a new Pokemon around. The phone actually uses your GPS system that can help to locate the Pokemon in your vicinity. Depending on your location and time, the Pokemon varies.

As you walk around in the search of the Pokemon, the GPS system will show you nearest gym, Pokestop and much more. When attempting to capture a Pokemon, the trainer has the ability to throw a curve ball. When trying to throw a curve ball, the user must spin the Poke ball. Once the ball begins spinning on its own, the trainer can flick it and try and capture the Pokemon. Once you catch the Pokemon, you can train them and make them fight within safe boundaries. In order to do this, you must be a Level 5 Pokemon trainer, and once you reach that level you can enter gyms and battle freely.

Pokemon Go gameplay

Pokemon Go gameplay

There are three teams in the Pokemon Go world. There is team Instinct, team Mystic, and team Valor. Each team is associated with a particular colour: yellow for Instinct, blue for Mystic, and red for Valor. When a Pokemon trainer reaches level 5, he will give these options where he can choose according to his choice. The best part of the game is you can actually see Pokemon.


Pokemon Game

Pokemon Game

While playing the Pokemon Go game, you must know the following terms.

Poke balls – Balls you catch Pokemon with. You can get more by visiting Poke stops.
Master balls – Guaranteed catch rate.
Ultra balls – The third level of Poke ball, with an even greater chance of catching and keeping Pokemon.
Great balls – Next level of Poke ball. It has a greater chance of catching Pokemon and not letting them escape.
Lure Module – Can be placed on any Poke stop, this will lure Pokemon to that area for 30 minutes. When used, other players can see pink flower petals floating around the stop. This alerts the player that a lure module is in use.
Bag – Holds all items.
Pokemon eggs – Hatches Pokemon.
Incubator – This item is used to hatch Pokemon eggs.



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