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Orca whales

Recently, scientists have come up with an astonishing discovery while studying Orca Whales. Recent study revealed that, the ever-fascinating Orca whales can learn to speak dolphin. In fact, the scientists are quite amazed that how an animal from one species can learn the language of other species. The Orca whales, also named as ‘killer whales’ have the ability to ape other marine animals’ species.

The recent study was conducted on 10 Orca whales. The scientists stated that, 3 of them were living with the dolphins and the rest 7 lived with Orca whales. It was observed by the scientists that 3 Orca whales living with bottlenose dolphins were able to speak the language of dolphins while communicating with each other. The sounds include series of clicks and whistles along with other related sounds.

Certainly, the Orca whales have the ability to produce various sounds at different ranges and that seems to be the major reason why Orca whales learn to speak dolphin, researchers claimed. The Orca whales have a wonderful ability to mimic sounds. According to biologists, Orca whales have the ability to produce a unique set of sounds known as ‘dialect’. Actually, this is the time when whales are in groups and they have to communicate with each other.

Moreover, the scientists are not sure how the Orca whales can learn and produce dialects other than their own species. When it comes to producing sounds, whales and dolphins have same learning capacities. Both of them are fast learners and adapt quickly.

Orca whales can learn to speak dolphin in order to communicate with each other, researchers believed. This is because the brain of Orca whales adapts the new scenarios to respond quickly and they have high level of neural plasticity, which enables them to produce and learn sounds they hear.

This study is published in the Journal of Acoustical Society of America.




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