6 Ways People Are Cashing In Pokémon Go

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1. Offering services as a driver, walker, hatcher, safari guide, or trainer1. Offering services as a driver, walker, hatcher, safari guide, or trainer

What it costs: From Detroit to Los Angeles to Idaho Falls, Montana, hatchers and guides seem to be charging $20 an hour, give or take. That’s what one “former cross country runner” who runs 8 miles per day and has “extensive knowledge of Pokémon Go” is charging in New Orleans, anyway.

For the same price in Houston, you can hire a bodyguard/henchman to protect you from assailants while you play. “I live across the street from a battle arena and have seen several people almost get robbed or jumped for their iPhone,” he advertised on Craigslist. “DON’T BE IDIOTS PEOPLE!”

Of course, not everyone can charge the big bucks. In Houston, a full-on safari costs only $15 an hour. One woman in Jackson, Mississippi, is asking $5 per kilometer to hatch eggs on foot, noting that “all proceeds go towards funding my books for the fall.” In Baltimore, a 20-minute session on the basics will run you 5 bucks a pop — or, alternatively, 50 cents a question.

For those with empty pockets, in Kennesaw, Georgia, you can get a ride to some battle gyms in exchange for “trades like electronics, knives, guns, jewlery [sic], and of course I’m open to whatever you got to offer.”

On the high-end scale, in Los Angeles, a driver costs closer to $30 an hour — maybe because of all the traffic. And in the Bay Area, you can pay up to $45 an hour to the experts over at PikaSpeed.com, whose offerings include PokéStop Runs (“guaranteed to max out your inventory”), PokéGym Runs (a “semi-intensive drive with frequent stops at the most popular gyms around the city”), and Pokémon Runs (“for those ready for some intensive hunting”).

2. Selling accounts and rare Pokémon2. Selling accounts and rare Pokémon

What it costs: Most accounts for sale are in the low hundreds and are between level 12 and level 20.

In Atlanta, someone is selling a level 15 account for only $50 — a steal!

But in New York City, where a level 15 is going for 100 bucks, an account with a rare Dragonite is going for a cool $1,000. In LA, a grand will get you up to Level 25. Unsurprisingly, the most expensive Pokémon Go account we found was in … San Francisco … where a Level 26 will cost you $1,200, or, in local parlance, about half a month’s rent.

Buyer beware: Selling accounts is technically banned in Pokemon Go’s Terms of Service and could get you banned.



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