The biggest discovery in Astrophysics of the last century has just been confirmed

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It’s Official, Gravitational waves, ripples in space-time, have been detected for the frist time and make a one-hundred-year-old theory, proposed by Albert Einstein, a complete game-changer in science.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Gravitational waves are... REAL. Image Credit: LIGO/Aurore Simonnet/Sonoma State University

Ladies and Gentlemen, Gravitational waves are… REAL.
Image Credit: LIGO/Aurore Simonnet/Sonoma State University

Researchers have searched for 100 years evidence supporting a theory proposed by the great Albert Einstein a century ago. Today, researchers have finally confirmed the existence of so-called ‘Gravitational Waves’, marking 2015-2016 as one of the most important years in astrophysical discoveries of the past century. The results of the study were published in the journalPhysical Review Letters.

Listen what Gravitational waves sound like:


This discovery isn’t just a game-changer, it’s something unprecedented say, scientists, it’s something that will improve our understanding of how exactly the universe we live in works, which in turn, opens countless ways which will allow us to study it.

The ‘ripples in spacetime’ were detected by scientists at The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) in the United States on September 14, 2015, and were produced by a pair of merging black holes, which marks one of the few cosmic events that is powerful enough to produce ripples in space-time which we are able to detect.

“We have detected gravitational waves. We did it!” said Daivd Reitze, Executive Director of the LIGO Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology, at a press conference announcing the discovery

The discovery of gravitational waves is part of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. According to Einstein, gravity is able to literally bend space-time, and the bigger the object is the larger the given effect. According to Einstein, when massive objects in space move, they create an oscillation in space-time or gravitational waves.

Numerical simulations of the gravitational waves emitted by the inspiral and merger of two black holes. Image Credit:

Numerical simulations of the gravitational waves emitted by the inspiral and merger of two black holes.
Image Credit:

According to reports, the two back holes are about 150 kilometers across and merged in the universe around 1.3 billion years ago. Both objects had similar masses, where one of them had a weight 36 times that of out sun while the other one had a weight of 29 times that of our sun.

Scientists estimate that the power released by the two black holes is equivalent to fifty times the power of all the stars in the visible universe. Simplifying this revolutionary discovery, the event itself which was previously unseen in astrophysics is huge, meaning that no one had ever spotted two black holes merge, The merging of the two was so massive that is warped the fabric of spacetime, which in turn created ripples that were sent across the universe finally reaching us last year, when researchers detected them.

“Detecting and measuring gravitational waves is the holy grail of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity,” said Professor Bob Bingham, a physicist at the Science and Technology Facilities Council at Harwell Campus in the U.K. “This discovery leads the way to look back in time at the creation of the universe, with significant repercussions for ongoing astronomical research.”



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