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The world’s leading e-commerce platform, Amazon, offers opportunities for people around the world to earn money via online selling. Earlier this year, we announced that Payoneer was selected by Amazon as the payment solution with Amazon Seller Central (US, EU, & UK).  We reached out to Gary, a top Amazon seller based in China, to find out more about his experience with Amazon and how he built a global business.

Tell us a bit about the kind of business you run.

I run several menswear stores on each of Amazon’s major sites, selling some 50,000 articles of clothing per month. I started my business on Taobao, a major Chinese ecommerce platform. I then decided to start selling clothes overseas and initially tried eBay but ultimately settled on Amazon as my international e-commerce platform of choice.

Why did you choose Amazon as your platform for cross-border sales?

I tried eBay, but it was nerve-racking and brought low profit margins. Amazon has FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), which is very convenient. I prepare products and send them to Amazon warehouses every month, and then I just wait to collect payments, as Amazon is responsible for the entire process of sales.

What do you have to do if there are customer complaints?

I use FBA, so Amazon helps me solve any problems that arise, so that I can focus on selling. The biggest trick to ensuring good reviews is to keep a steady supply of quality goods. My aim is to live a carefree life, not to make millions of dollars a year. So, when I transferred my stores to Amazon, I gave up eBay, and now Taobao as well. I am really free from worries.

Sellers tend to offer products in a wide variety of categories. What is your strategy?

I feel good about selling one kind of product, and it makes me satisfied. Honestly speaking, I am a little lazy and I don’t want to spend time sourcing other kinds of products. I believe there is nothing more important than having a good supply of products! I’ve worked with my suppliers for many years and they treat me like a brother. They always deliver goods on time, and sometimes even before payments. I want to stress that it’s very important to build reliable, long-term partnerships.

Can your suppliers provide the same goods to other Amazon sellers?

We have signed an exclusive selling agreement. According to the agreement, I own the exclusive right to sell their products on Amazon. By doing this, suppliers are assured of sales and I am assured of supplies. As the interest of both parties is guaranteed, why not keep this win-win situation?

What is your next step?

I am going to Thailand with my family for a one-month vacation! Oh, you mean about selling on Amazon? No plans for now. I have opened stores on every site on Amazon and my products sell well. I have no plans to develop other platforms so far. Because, as I have said, I’m a little lazy! As you see, the supply of goods is ensured by my agreement with suppliers, the logistics and after-sales follow-up are done by Amazon, and the payment is collected by Payoneer. What is there for me to worry about?



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