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Ahh, spanking. The one parenting subject no one likes to talk about for fear that their family members and friends will judge them. I’ve always assumed that there are more parents out there who use spanking as a form of discipline, but just don’t want to say it out loud.

Now, don’t get me wrong here: any form of violence toward children is totally wrong and unacceptable, but what we’re talking about here is spanking our children on the tush when they get out of line. When it comes to celebrities spanking their children, there are those who say they’d never spank their kids, while others support it. Celebrity mom Charlize Theron credits her own mother for spanking her as a child as it has helped “form her character as an adult” while actor David Arquette has even said that he wished he was spanked as a child as he craved and needed the discipline that his parents never gave him. David has even recalled washing his own mouth with soap as an 8-year-old after using curse words in public when his own parents wouldn’t do it.

But as we know, there will always be two different sides of opinions when it comes to the topic of spanking. While some are for and others are against, every child and every situation is of course different. While spanking children might be wrong in some cases (or all, depending on your view), raising your kids in a stress-free environment doesn’t reap the best benefits, either. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen too many children that have turned into selfish, spoiled, foul-mouthed, disrespectful teenagers that could have used a strong-handed Abuelita at least once in their lives to set them straight (you know what I’m talking about). Sure, spanking your kids might have a long-term negative impact on them, but letting your children walk all over you is another story in itself (but we’ll save that for another post). Children need and sometimes might even crave limitations, as do adults, and well … time-outs don’t always work. But should we go around hitting one another? Absolutely not. The right way in teaching our children to learn respect is something we as parents might never be able to figure out on our own.

Check out our slideshow of celebrity parents who have sounded off on the topic of spanking in the past. You’d be surprised to see which ones are pro-spanking and which ones are not.


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Celebrity mom Pink has gone on record too to say she thinks spanking is a good form of discipline and even credits her own parents for spanking her as a child. Pink even admits to deserving it as a child, recalling how her father once spanked her, “Oh, he put me through a wall,” says Pink, “It’s the only reason I’m still here. It’s the only reason I’m still alive.”



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