The mysterious Tower on the Far Side of the Moon found by Soviet Spacecraft Zond 3

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On July 20, 1965, the soviet Spacecraft ZOND 3 took some of the first ever high-quality images of the FAR SIDE of the Moon as the Soviet space probe made its way to Mars. Because of the fact that our planet is ‘tidally locked’ with the Moon, the same side of the moon constantly faces us. Previous to these missions, we had no idea what’s on the ‘other side’ of Earth’s natural satellite.


Soviet Union’s Moon Probe Zond 3 frame 25. Image downloaded from book to Picasa 3.0, then uploaded, once rotated clockwise to keep the perspective of the original photograph. Quote: “Photograph of the Moon’s surface obtained on 20 July 1965 by the Russian vehicle Zond 3. At the time, the probe was about 10,000 kilometers above the Moon.” Image Credit Wikimedia Commons.

Zond 3 wasn’t the first

Two years after the Soviet Union made history by launching Sputnik, it launched Luna 3, the third mission in their lunar program. Luna 3 reached the moon on October 7 when it started taking images of the far side of the lunar surface, covering about 70 percent of the unexplored side of the moon. The spacecraft sent back 17 noisy images before operators in the Soviet Union lost contact on October 22.

Even though the images sent back from Luna 3 weren’t the best, it was the first set of images of the moon’s far side, a first for the Soviets and mankind.

Zond 3 would complement the exploring Luna 3 did. Zond 3 was meant to reach Mars, and photographing the far side of the moon was a secondary objective for the Soviet Spacecraft. The Soviets equipped the Zond 3 with extremely useful technologies, equipping the spacecraft with two cameras, infrared and ultraviolet spectrometers, a magnetometer, a cosmic ray detector, a solar particle detector, and a meteoroid detector. Zond 3 made its way to the moon 33 hours after being launched on July the 18th, 1965. Just as it passed the far side of the moon, its cameras started exploring the far side of Earth’s satellite, focusing on the 30% that its predecessor, Luna 3 had missed, taking one picture every two minutes and 15 seconds for a total period of one hour and 8 minutes.

Nine days after Zond 3 had taken the images, they arrived to Soviet operators on Earth. The images sent back to Earth were among the first which allowed researchers to take a peek at the numerous geological formations on the far side of Earth’s natural satellite, but among them, one image caused quite a stir among researchers and Ufologists.

In one of the images of the far side of the moon, a mysterious tower-shaped structure can clearly be seen protruding the lunar surface. In its vicinity, no other similar structures are seen, and Ufologists believe that the mysterious ‘tower’ seen in the Zond 3 image is a crucial piece of evidence supporting their theory that there are alien structures on the far side of Earth’s moon.

The image of the Tower on the moon was obtained on 20 July 1965 by the Russian vehicle Zond 3. At the time, the probe was about 10,000 kilometers above the Moon.

So far, the mysterious structure on the far side of the moon is only one of the many that have been found to date according to Ufologists and UFO hunters.

Several Monoliths across our Solar System?

While some of these structures can be rationally explained as natural geological formations on the surface of the moon, there are some that simply defy every explanation. Is it possible that the tower on the far side of the moon really has an ‘Alien’ origin? And is it possible that there are similar structures across the moon?



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