Jail in Abu Dhabi for reckless driver who was on drugs and alcohol

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A motorist, who was stopped for reckless driving but later found to be possessing drugs and alcohol, has been jailed for six years.

Abu Dhabi Criminal Court handed down the sentences to the Emirati man after he was found guilty of consuming and possessing drugs, driving under the influence of alcohol and reckless driving that posed a danger to the lives of others.

Official records state the Emirati, who was driving along with a friend, was stopped by police on one of the main roads in Abu Dhabi after he was spotted driving recklessly, and at a high speed, while overtaking.

When police patrol officers checked his car, they found the drugs napthoyl indole and tramadol. The man was also drunk and had alcohol in the car.

Prosecutors also charged him with possessing and consuming drugs and alcohol, reckless driving and putting the lives of other road users in danger.

The Emirati, however, denied the charges at his trial. He claimed the drugs and alcohol found in his car didn’t belong to him.

His lawyer argued that the police report claimed that her client was in an abnormal state and smelling of alcohol, but a chemical analysis proved that was not true.

As for the charge of driving recklessly, the lawyer said these are all traffic offences linked to each other and should have been considered as one according to Article 88 of the Sanctions Code.

The lawyer had demanded that her client be cleared of the charges, stressing the man was innocent.

But the judge convicted him based on evidence presented by prosecutors.

The Emirati’s friend, who was accompanying him in the car and was also charged in the case, was acquitted due to a lack of evidence.



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