Top 10 Sexiest Hollywood Actresses

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One of the hardest things to do; to make a judgement of the most beautiful or sexiest of a bunch of women when each and every one of them is ultimately beautiful in their very own and unique ways. No women likes to be compared to the next and this isn’t what I’m doing. I’m just categorizing them in terms of the top 10 sexiest Hollywood actresses, and here is our list, in descending order. Enjoy!

10. Julia Roberts

Sexiest Hollywood Actresses
The star who made the movie “pretty women” a hit, Julia Roberts as the title of that chick flick movie suggests has become one of her signatures in the film industry and as far as her acting career went. She’s so womanish and gives of a natural flare of feminine charm. She is truly an unconventional women. She hold the tenth place in our list of sexiest Hollywood actresses.

Her best scene, I would say which brought out her true beauty by being a sexy women would be in the scene in ‘Pretty Women’, back in the 90’s as a Prostitute with class. Here we see here in a shiny white satin dress with lace and all that sexy stuff on her was amazing. We see several scenes of her beauty in provocative clothing as well in that movie.

9. Scarlett Johansson

Sexiest Hollywood Actresses Scarlett Johansson
With regards to sexiest Hollywood actresses that the world has seen and enjoyed as well as become automatically a fan off to some extent of their lives, Scarlett Johansson is definitely one of them. As an actress, singer and model, she can ultimately be considered as an American version of the South African born Charlize Theron. Honestly the two are not much in difference of physical characteristics and beauty. Scarlett, though as an individual women possesses her very own physically enhanced set of sexiness which falls in the waviness of her blonde and curly hair which covers the edges of her soft and flawless skin.

8. Ming Na Wen

Sexiest Hollywood Actresses
You probably haven’t heard the name before and is probably picturing a Chinese women that speaks something like this: “xing na wen, thai pu Sum ta!” And if so then you’re wrong. One of the sexiest Hollywood actresses, Ming Na Wen, famous for her role as “Melinda May” in Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. And she seriously doesn’t look hot in that leather jacket and tight pants and fly can she spin those running kicks off her Hot and fiery nature as part of her character in the movie. She is however absolutely sexy in everything she uses and being a Scorpion women, she’s absolutely enticing. She’s of perfect figures. She’s always tempered up which gives off an essence of sexy all the way. Asian babes are always steaming hot anyway and you know it! They tend to stir up our bloods by their active personalities and actions even if you don’t understand a single word they say in their cute language.

7. Kat Dennings

Sexiest Hollywood Actresses
Oh yeah!…Here is where the hot just got hotter and the sex just got sexier! Kat Dennings who plays the role of Max. A boots wearing waitress at a restaurant filled with eyes all upon her and her walk, listens of her talks etc. In the CBS series, ‘2 Broke Girls’. Max sounds manly doesn’t it? Well that’s exactly the role and character that Kat plays in 2 Broke Girls and gives off an impression of a psychopath women that will kill you at an instant should you get on the wrong side of her and at the next breathe, smothering herself in Cupcakes that her room-mate has made. She’s another amongst the sexiest Hollywood actresses you gotta look out for. Kat Dennings in general is a busty woman with lips that stand out naturally, big, red and fleshy. She is Gemini, a Bad Kitty and will sexy scrounge you with her claws. Don’t mess with a Gemini woman, and by personal experience they are the most beautiful in the world and also the most dangerous.

6. Ariana Grande

Sexiest Hollywood Actresses
Sixth place on this list most certainly holds by Ariana Grande as a fresh newbie.Hollywood is infested with hottest celebs, it most certainly is a place of heavy duty competition all around which is enough to have even the best of celebs at major game time. Ariana Grande on the other hand can be considered as a feminine and just like Angelina Jolie, we see ultra femininity every step of the way from her pin straight hair which she never fails to put in various different exotic styles. She has the perfect shaped body and lips, eyes, nose, neck structure and hair and her fashiony trends makes her a walking doll that you always have urges.



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