Top 10 Athletes Playing Multiple Sports

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Sports requires utmost of devotion, passion and practice to succeed at it, player practice for years just so that they can be good enough to compete at the world stage but sometimes there are certain athletes who are so remarkable that they have competed in more than one sports and have achieved recognition in both. Here in Top 10 Athletes Playing Multiple Sports we count down such amazing athletes.

10. Lionel Conacher

Top 10 Athletes Playing Multiple Sports


At number 10 in Top 10 Athletes Playing Multiple Sports is Lionel Conacher from Canada. Nicknamed “The Big Train”, he was one of the country’s top athletes in first half of 20thcentury. He has played and won championships in numerous sports like baseball,wrestling, boxing, lacrosse, hockey and football. In football he won 1921 Grey Cup, in baseball he won the International League Championship 1926 and in hockey he won the Memorial Cup 1920 and Stanley Cup twice. He is labeled as “Canadian Jim Thorpe” because of his ability to not only be good at various sports and win in them.


9. Hershel Walker

Top 10 Athletes Playing Multiple Sports


At number 9 is Hershel Walker. Hershel is known basically for playing in USFL and NFL most of his career and also his brief stint in MMA. As a footballer he was a running back who won All-American honors three times and won Heisman trophy and was inducted in College Football Hall of Fame. At 48 while most athletes enjoy their retirement he decided to try his hands in the most brutal sports in the world, MMA and in his brief stint there, he has a record of 2-0. Now that’s called Badass!


8. Harvey Pulford

Top 10 Athletes Playing Multiple Sports

At number 8 in Top 10 Athletes Playing Multiple Sports is Harvey Pulford. While most athletes played at most in three sports, this Canadian athlete leads in not only playing but also winning at most sports like ice hockey lacrosse, football, boxing, paddling and rowing. He won the Stanley cup three times in a row, was member of the undefeated 1910 Ottawa Rowing club eight team winning the Canadian and North American Championships and as a boxer won the Eastern Canadian Lightweight and Heavyweight titles apart from national titles at all other games he played at.


7. Bob Hayes

Top 10 Athletes Playing Multiple Sports

At number 7 is Bob Hayes. He was the first man to win Olympic gold medal and Super Bowl ring. He might not be remembered for stats in NFL but he certainly changed the way it was played. This 100m and 4*100m gold winner in 1964 Olympics took NFL by storm in his first two seasons where he lead in touchdown receptions, forcing the defenses to develop zone defense and bump and run in a bid to slow him down.


6. Jim Brown

Top 10 Athletes Playing Multiple Sports

At number 6 in Top 10 Athletes Playing Multiple Sports is Jim Brown. Jim Brown is not only the best running back in the history of NFL but was also a good basketball and Lacrosse player during his college. He was the second leading scorer in Lacrosse during his sophomore year and was nominated in first team All-America.  On the football side he was 3 times NFL MVP and 9 time Pro Bowler in just 9 seasons. He later became an actor too!



5. Deion Sanders

Top 10 Athletes Playing Multiple Sports

At number 5 in Top 10 Athletes Playing Multiple Sports is Deion Sanders. Deion Sanders has done what no other athlete can even dream to do, he played a professional football and baseball game in a matter of 24 hours. He has been inducted in the NFL Hall of Fame, won back to back Super bowl rings and played in the 1992 World Series with Braves. He is a true badass with all the records to show for it.



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